The tavern ” Kopacina ” opened its doors in 2000. With over 35 years experience in the restaurant buisness , the family  Jugović could finally open their own restaurant, ” Kopacina ” Donji Humac .
After a stealthy startup restaurant has managed to establish itself as a respected name when it comes to gastronomy , in just a few years the  Jugovićfamily have useed its know-how and expertise to give the best to all their guests.
There is a diversity of flavors, aromas and history that you can enjoy in the picturesque village of Donji Humac .
What is it that makes the restaurant « Kopacina » so unique, above all , it is because they refuse to abandon the traditional cooking ,
instead they are developing  the historic kitchen and adding new influences . Especially lamb from Brač is one of the restaurant’s unique specialties . sheep cheese , skuta, genuine Brač ” vitalac are other specialties , if you haven`t tried the Peka , this is something that you really need to experience , a haven for the discerning palate .Sure you can also enjoy all the international dishes such as meat , fresh fish and seafood , roasted potatoes, etc. …
For all wine lovers, Konoba « Kopacina » have a nice wine list with mostly local quality wines but also a lot of imports .
Besides the cozy atmosphere of the tavern which can accommodate up to sixty people , there is a beautiful terrace on the sunny side and overlooking the valley and the famous quarries . If you eat a dinner at sunset , you will be seduced by the sunsets , peace and quiet , a perfect place for romance and pleasant conversations .
The tavern ” Kopacina ” can organize all types of parties, weddings , birthdays, baptisms, and business lunches.
I hope you will visit Kopacina , and you want to feel that special « Kopacina » feeling .
Be their guest, and I promise you that you will leave the restaurant with a smile on your face.



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