It  is produced more olive oil on Brac then in the rest of Croatia!

The variety of olivetree  that dominates on the island of Brac is ” Oblica ” , it is a variety that has been on  Brac for millennia. It grows well in dry and hot climates. The olives are green until  they ripen , then the color changes to blue and black.

The olive groves on Brac
In the olive groves on Brac will find two different types of cutting olive trees , either crown trimmed so that branches basically hang all the way down to the ground , in order that the harvest will be so much easier then . One can also cut the crown comes up higher, this is done to bring up the stuffed olive branches higher up from the ground because it will typically make use of goats and sheep to graze the grass and naturally fertilize the soil.
The latter method causes unfortunately some problems because many injuries occur during harvesting , when it falls from ladders etc. . First cultivation variant is thus best in terms of security but it requires some extra work .. The olives are usually harvested in November, after picking the olives are placed in salt water and in anticipation of compression should remain there because it is not good with the oxidation that occurs when you store olives in the air.
Olives are harvested in November , after harvest the olives in salted water until they are squeezed. This method preserves the olives and prevents oxidation, it is important that the olives are so freshly picked as possible when they are pressed because the measurable acid levels may not exceed 1%, and this increases the longer it is between picking and pressing .
The European standards for olive oil requires that the olives are pressed within 24 hours after harvest.
When the entire crop is harvested, you simply add the olives in sacks and transports them to the local presseriet … (On Brac there are 13 presents series ) One can also add the olives , preserved and if you let some olives remain on the trees ahead in January so pick one the olives and put them in salt for about 2 weeks and suddenly they have produced a wonderful snacks to wine and cheese.
By ancient tradition but will donate the first liter of oil as it presses to the Church , next liters should be given as gift to the school, and the remainder use it primarily for their own use.
Of olive trees get: fantastic wood for grilling and heating of houses , pickled olives (both black and green ), olive oil , soap, and finally it becomes olive branches an excellent feed for sheep goats and cows.
The oil from Brac is very tasty , and a local producer , Bracchia , has won a number of prizes over the years.
Join in and produce olive oil, cold pressed, of course, and no weird preservatives. Come and join us on Brac in the spring and helpus  to cut and prune trees. Drink a good red wine along with the grilled lamb that we prepare at the olive farm …
Start yearn to fall when the olives is about  to be picked , and then you  finally  can enjoy the best
oil you can imagine.


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