Brac is known for its amazing stone, and all talented stoneworkers, Today there are four people who are fully qualified to carry out the stone work in the Vatican, and two of them comes from Brac.

In the city Pucisca on the northeast side of Brac is one of the most prestigious schools in which to train stonecutters and sculptors, training is normally in 4 years, and after this, students are guaranteed to get a job. I highly recommend a visit to the school to look at the beautiful work that students can also take the opportunity to order a statue or fountain to your own garden ..

On the island of Brac, mankindave been looted white marble for a long period (Bracki Kamen). The stone is most famous for the construction of White House in Washington entirely is built of this stone. a large part of the Brac‘s reputation is the  knowledge linked to the skills in refining  the stone for building materials, or to the statues around the world ..

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