Three words describe the true art of cooking on Brač : local, organic and seasonal. We urge you all to try and find the restaurants that serve good food with fresh local ingredients – natural, healthy and delicious .

If you are lucky , you are on Brac when one of the local food festivals are held. Keep your eyes open and do not be afraid to try something new, here you always have the chance to try all kinds of local specialties. Here are some tips on things to remember. Swedish table … (yes it is actually called so , what we call the Buffet ) Ask any resident person what they think of when they think of the typical Dalmatian cuisine , I can next promise that you will get the following response … ” Ribu in blitva ” (” fish and chard) . What could be better than eating fresh , locally caught fish from the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea ?

On Brac , there are many good seafood restaurants usually are one of the family members of fishermen , which guarantees the best from the sea, fine ingredients and own cooking on the grill at home in the company of good friends is always a guarantee for a successful meal. Brac has two commercial fish factories: one in Postira , which was formed in 1906 and has specialized in canned food, here you will find oily fish such as sardines, tuna and mackerel. The second factory is located in Milna and this factory was opened for business in 2005 after several dormant years as planned marina, to buy fish directly to a third of the retail price, and that everything is fresh , you can be sure of. Fresh Tuna awaiting Grilling Because of a long tradition in the processing of fish has now specializes in products such as smoked and pickled fish and shellfish. Several restaurants are now offering their smoked tuna starter – try the brushed with olive oil and a little garlic. Of course there are a million different ways to prepare fish on but it’s hard to beat the easiest method : grilled over charcoal (preferably from olive trees ) , brushed with olive oil , parsley and garlic , and then served with chard – a fresh vegetable not unlike spinach.

At certain times of the year you may be offered wild growing vegetables – try if you get the chance, bl.a.ruccola grow here wildly. Other seasonal vegetables that are delicious asparagus is – usually the thin , green wild asparagus. ( divlja šparoga ) , one can see whole families wandering along the roads to the March pick sacks full of this green delicacy, also fava beans ( BOB) , can be enjoyed along with fresh fish when the season is right. Bob can be prepared in many countless ways. Brac is known as the ” inner island ” for centuries , its interior has been much more populated than the coast. The inner parts of the island was populated most of Livestock Attendants , this can still be seen through the island’s cuisines , where fish are outweighed by meat dishes , traditional lamb and goat . Residents at Brac also lived in producing olive oil and wine. You can buy both commercially produced and homemade oils and wines. Olive oil labeled ” extra virgin ” has a delightfully peppery and fruity taste.

Do not be afraid to try home – produced wine either, it tends to be very good. The local variety is Plavac Mali, which thrives on the southern , sunny slopes on the south side of the island. Plavac Bol and Plavac Baković (from Murvica ) are two brands that you can get over. A new local winery is Bosso , who harvest from 2008 stored in oak barrels has got a great taste that fits usefully into dark meat , the wine is rich in flavor and here the discerning gourmet heaven …

When it comes to white wine, you will find a Chardonnay and a variety called Pošip in the fabulous restaurant Kopacina in Donji Humac . Another excellent Brač product is cheese, which is usually made ​​from sheep’s milk. The cheese is pretty hard, and has a delicious nutty flavor . Unfortunately, good local cheese in short supply, it is only in the spring you will find the local cheese in the better restaurants while supplies last . These restaurants also offer Škuta on the dessert menu. This is a very soft, fresh cheese, neutral in flavor and usually served with pancakes , jam or honey . Speaking of desserts, natural sweets that are made from indigenous ingredients from the island ‘s fig, honey , bread, fruits, nuts , grapes and cherries. Hrapačuša is a cake made ​​primarily of almonds, walnuts and lemon: its spiritual home is the village of Dol . Bracka Torta (Brač cake) is a traditional cake from the village Škrip made ​​of almonds and chocolate . Sweet specialties common throughout Dalmatia and you also find here are rožata , similar to crème caramel , and crispy fritters called hroštule and Mendule u cukru , almonds rolled in powdered sugar .

Another culinary specialty that Bračans are very proud of is Myoxus GLIS also known as the dormouse . When we saw these fat , little imps with large bushy tails , much like gray squirrels but with a little chubbier faces and big eyes, eating them was when the last thing we could think of . But the tradition to eat this animal , known as a ” puh ” on Croatian goes back to Roman times. Hrapačuša village of Dol has her very own living legend – a woman named Barica , proud holder of the title of world champion in baking Hrapačuša cake. Some might point out that Hrapačuša only done on Brac and especially in Dol and that this is therefore not a particularly remarkable performance at all, but when we nevertheless chose to taste the cake of Barica when she told us that she is not only the best in the world but also in the entire universe with all galaxies. Her Hrapačuša is a crescendo of nuts, lemon , browned sugar and egg yolk, a calorie bomb that evokes an intense sugar high and has been named ” Dols Viagra ” and rightly so .

Try Barica award winning cake in Konoba Toni or at one of the island’s gastronomic festivals . Vitalac Meat enthusiasts need some time to test this right, which is only made of entrails from goat and lamb, this is truly one of Brač culinary specialties , the old tradition of making this meal is so old and so unique that vitalac is listed as a food served heritage in Croatia. Threading on a spit up small pieces of kidney, lung , or what have you, salted and wrapped in a soft piece of muscle tissue , gently grilled, then wrapped in a piece of intestine and then roast another hour until crispy on the outside. For best results it should be a young lambs not yet begun to suckle its mother Varenik An unusual sauce , called Varenik believed to have been made at Brac 2000 years ago – it was mentioned first in Roman times. It is made ​​by boiling red wine down into a concentrate , which is then stored in bottles and used for all kinds of food, sweet and savory , to provide a unique and rich flavor. Meanwhile, for Varenik festival in late September , a variety of uses in dishes prepared with the help of this ingredient , and the island’s restaurants , a number of specials on the menu this season.

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