Bobovisca on Island Brac

This small village , located on the western side of Brac is probably Croatia’s safest natural harbor, here you can anchor and find a safe harbor for the night . The deep bay is devided into  two smaller parts Uvala vica and Bobovisca .

Bobovisca is a diamond with its pristine nature and with its distinctive Mediterranean architecture .

Here is the lead core in direct proximity to the harbor, and further out in the bays the houses is climbing  on the slopes down to the water where, at its own pier there is a little boat used for fishing and pleasure.

Bobovisce named long ago Stanac – Dolac and the name originally comes from a society in Bosnia for many years then moved basically an entire village from Bosnia to settle on Brac , this has fallen into disuse among the villagers but still they call each other Stancari .

The village Bobovisca originates from the 1600s and, along with the village Lozisca lives here today about 250 residents.

In the 1910 ‘s the area was more populated and then here lived about 600 residents .

1656 completed the church of St. George, this church was very simple in its design and it was replaced by a new church that was completed in 1914.

On the south side of Bobovisca there is the famous palace Gligo owned by a wealthy shipowner from Dubrovnik, the palace was completed in the 1700s and would function as a summer house for the rich businessman.

In the northern part of the harbor there is a large handsome stone house belonging to the family Nazor , Here lived the famous poet Vladimir Nazor one of Croatia ‘s biggest poets, he built a monument called the “Three Sisters” the monument gave pleasant shade as Vladimir sat and wrote many of his most famous poems and songs .

In the bay Vica Luka geologists has in recent years found an old Greek fish trap and in the bay there are lots of delicate fish that primarily reside in the bay to find food directly adjacent fresh water source that flows into the bay’s bottom.

Bobovisca is the ideal place for broken hustling tourists, here the time stands still, and if you take a stroll into the village to buy bread in the morning you must slow down just in time to hear the silence and crickets persistent attendanteagerto findafemale.

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