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Supetar is a town on the island of Brac in Croatia. The city is a major tourist resort that attracts many tourists during the summer months . Supetar Brač also has the largest port with ferry service to Split about 15 times per day during the high season.

The operator of the ferry service is Jadrolinija and Split Tours. The city has a population of 3062 people, making it the largest and fastest growing city on the island of Brac . Sutivan is a small village with 759 inhabitants ( 2001) in the northwestern part of the island of Brac , Dalmatia, Croatia .


When you have arrived in Supetar, Brac, I advise you to stock up on essential goods and beverages.

After leaving the ferry, just go straight ahead, you will pass residential houses on the right side and the coastline with a beach on the left side, after about 500m you will reach a roundabout, here you should keep to the left and head towards Splitska, after about 50 meters, turn right into the parking lot, here you will find a newly opened Lidl where basic goods and drinks are cheaper than in many of the other stores on the island.

Once you have completed the purchases you drive the same way back, well ahead of the roundabout is now left up for a weak slope.

After about 300 meters the road divide –  turn right towards Locisca-Sutivan-Mirca.

Just continue straight ahead and you will have the city Supetar below you on the right side.



After about 3 km you will come to a straight stretch – here you have to take it easy (there are often speed controls in that section of road).

When you pass the sign with the arrow straight towards Sutivan, you know that you are on the right path.

After the sign just drive straight ahead for another 3 km until you see the sign for Sutivan, cross this and continue straight ahead.

When you passthe sign Sutivan  the road will be  a bit curvy

Just follow the road until the road flattens out into a long gently rolling straight.

At the end of this straight, prepare to turn right at the first road (you see a sign with blue arrow on the left side of the road).

At the end of this straight, turn right, once on the dirt road you will see a stone cross with the inscriptions 1857.

This building you should see on the right side.

Continue on the dirt road and after about 300 meters you will pass a pumping station and an olive farm on the right side, then run the first exit to the left.

You will see a cove with turquoise waters on the right side

Continue until the road goes on to concrete, the road now goes steeply downhill and running now gently, after 75 meters the road bends to the left and right on the slopes, you should now run to the right (keep left of this hill so you can handle it tight turn) after about 50 meters you are there.

Villa More is the first house on the right.

Welcome to Villa More