Konoba Dalmatino

WELCOME To Konoba Dalmatino! We will give you a fresh new taste experience from the traditional Dalmatian cuisine the restaurant is located directly adjacent to the water in the beautiful bay Bobovisca on paradise island Brač.( only 500meters from the house)


Enjoy our authentic surroundings and enjoy the fresh ingredients always used in our kitchen, to cook our delicious local dishes along with a wide range of locally produced wine. Welcome to enjoy our cooking and our hospitality!

This small village, located on the western side of Brac island just below the slopes that previously worked as olive groves and vineyards, the bay seems somehow squeezed in between the sunny slopes, but with an excellent view over the sea. the restaurant is overlook the port while the back is facing the interior and the surrounding land sites where olive groves and vineyards now lies fallow. Bobovisca is a typical gem with its distinctive Mediterranean architecture.

The tavern ” Kopacina


The tavern ” Kopacina ” opened its doors in 2000. With over 35 years experience in the restaurant buisness , the family  Jugović could finally open their own restaurant, ” Kopacina ” Donji Humac .
After a stealthy startup restaurant has managed to establish itself as a respected name when it comes to gastronomy , in just a few years the  Jugovićfamily have useed its know-how and expertise to give the best to all their guests.
There is a diversity of flavors, aromas and history that you can enjoy in the picturesque village of Donji Humac .
What is it that makes the restaurant « Kopacina » so unique, above all , it is because they refuse to abandon the traditional cooking ,
instead they are developing  the historic kitchen and adding new influences . Especially lamb from Brač is one of the restaurant’s unique specialties . sheep cheese , skuta, genuine Brač ” vitalac are other specialties , if you haven`t tried the Peka , this is something that you really need to experience , a haven for the discerning palate .Sure you can also enjoy all the international dishes such as meat , fresh fish and seafood , roasted potatoes, etc. …
For all wine lovers, Konoba « Kopacina » have a nice wine list with mostly local quality wines but also a lot of imports .
Besides the cozy atmosphere of the tavern which can accommodate up to sixty people , there is a beautiful terrace on the sunny side and overlooking the valley and the famous quarries . If you eat a dinner at sunset , you will be seduced by the sunsets , peace and quiet , a perfect place for romance and pleasant conversations .
The tavern ” Kopacina ” can organize all types of parties, weddings , birthdays, baptisms, and business lunches.
I hope you will visit Kopacina , and you want to feel that special « Kopacina » feeling .
Be their guest, and I promise you that you will leave the restaurant with a smile on your face.



Ziza Restaurant

With Brac best views you can enjoy fantastic service and well-prepared Croatian dishes.
The owner Ziza  takes care of the guests in an amazing way , it is customary to receive a welcome aperitif before sitting down for dinner .

From the terrace you can see Split in the background  , prepare yourself for a few enjoyable hours .Why not not start with a typical Dalmatian plate consisting of olives, salted sardines , thin slices of smoked ham as well as the traditional cheese from Brac . The main dish is fish or lamb that will end up on the plate (note that the lamb taste best in March and the end of July when the infant lamb is served ) a side order must be  , blitva ( chard) with garlic and olive oil. With a large garden that overflows with various fruits are the choice of dessert rather obvious , but the pannacotta or crème brûlée is not so bad either.
Here are some comments from previous guests
We were here for lunch so it was not too crowded when we were there. The patio with views of Split and a lush park situated comfortably in the shade , the day we were there it was very hot but in  the cool shade it was wonderful to enjoy the lunch.

A dinner at sunset and then the lights go up in Split , I look forward to the next visit.
Favorite Food : I started with the calamari salad – tender cooked through but still meaty octopus served in fresh olive oil. The mussels were jam-packed , with a spicy garlic broth and white bread  the flavor was close to  heavenly . Coffee and cake was a perfect finale.

Bistro Ziza : value for money and fantastic food.
I went to Restaurant Ziza after reading some good reviews on TripAdvisor and were definitely not disappointed! We went in a group of 10 and even from the beginning I was so impressed with the place . The layout and feel of the restaurant is amazing. Great views, beautiful house converted into a restaurant , open kitchen so you can watch the chef work , herbs and fruit trees around the corner, delicious appetizers on arrival. Amazing!
The serving was nice and the staff very helpful. All the food was delicious with very generous portions , vegetable soup is really good! Unlimited servings of fresh bread, grilled meat was really good, scampi is delicious, but a bit messy to eat 🙂
The dessert was fantastic; yummy chocolate cake , delicious fig cake and fritoles ( typical dish from Brac) . After we paid and thanked us for the waitress came with a big bag of fresh figs ….. food , must be experienced . Prices are also reasonable.